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In Prague, There Appeared Places For Fair Taxi

The Prague City Corridor distributed to visitors a brochure containing facts about the expected city taxi service. In it you can find answers to questions about where and how the car is easily repaired, what to count on and what to look out for when talking to taxi drivers.

Rare peach panels marked “FAIR PLACE” appeared on 49 taxis at once (“Fair Place” means Fair Play, which is a sporty expression).

The brochure is distributed with 100 printed copies in seven dialects: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian and Czech in different forms. They will be sold at the Ruzini air station in Prague, at the Florenz bus station and at the inn.

In fact, they claim that in this taxi shop you can certainly afford the state costs. All the organizations supporting the Prague Taxi cost the city broker 900,000 kroner (about 32,000 euros).

The taxi drivers and the city commission have been asking too long and for a long time the city council has been earning huge fines for the taxi drivers for cheating the passengers and cheating their administrations.

The agents of the Prague taxi drivers assessed that the action of the city council is illegal. They may lack the cost limit for taxi administrations from 29 kroner per kilometer, which is clearly marked by the city road. Because they like to think it is fading compared to the actual monetary conditions, they demanded 99 crowns per kilometer in conversations with the city broker.

As it was said: “Look at the capital of neighboring Slovakia”, because the city road does not hinder this mood of organizing the cost of taxi administrations. City Council leader Pavel Beam and other officials of the board chairman led taxi drivers to duality with customers.

Taxi drivers claim that some unacceptable methods by city specialists are pushing them to increase costs. A Prague taxi driver even tried to fight for his privileges with a hunger strike near the city road in February this year.

There are means to check the insatiable Prague taxis once and for all, for example extraordinary billboards at each station where the spectators can get acquainted with the functions of transport. One can find out the cost of transportation by sending an SMS with the flight ticket and the end point. Actions include French-style strips tailored for licensed taxi drivers by company professionals.

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