The Origin and Evolving Process of Taxi Services

Have you ever wondered why people refer to taxi administrations from taxi administrations? Have you ever wondered why taxis are called taxis? Have you ever wondered why so many taxis in many countries are painted yellow?

Taxi administrations date back to the 17th century in Paris and London. People in those days began to use the horse-drawn carriage. Recruit people riding a pony to reach distant objections. From this thought was born the idea of ​​managing taxis in the following years. You may be wondering why they chose to call them taxis.

The name taxi started with a French word written by the leading taxi importer, Harry Allen of New York. Called Cabriolet taximeter. Cabriolet is a French word used to mean automobile. The taximeter was a mechanical device used to calculate the fares a traveler would have to pay to use the vehicle. Hence, the prefix taxi in the name of the taximeter comes from the Latin word categorize, which implies a fare or cost that is charged for assistance. The name taxi is a short type of subway car. Allen realized that the yellow hue would help sense the cab from afar and paint the cabs yellow.

During the Great Battle of the Marne in 1974, when the Birmingham pub bombings took place, a fire officer mentioned the relationship between taxi drivers and sending the wounded to the nearest medical clinic, which was Birmingham Accident Department Hospital. . Sophisticated taxis are invaluable in emergency situations, such as when a flight is urgent. In case you are using your own car, you need to make game plans of where to go, tighten security checks, etc., which can definitely be avoided assuming you are taking a taxi on equal terms.

Recently, on my way to work early in the day, I was stuck for more than 30 minutes. I thought about how much I spent on fuel while using my car to get to work. With the engine running for 30 minutes going north without moving an inch, just waiting for a good opportunity to take my feet off the brake pedal and take and press the accelerator, I started calculating the cost of using my car compared to a taxi. cost, tear and wear cost, and discontinued shipping. Shortly after leaving home, I made the drastic decision to use a semi-racial taxi in my daily work environment.

If most of us use a taxi to get to work and the various places where taxi departments are accessible, it will also reduce the carbon dioxide carried in the air because fewer vehicles will be used and therefore the amount of carbon dioxide. Delivered. Traffic congestion decreases by a large margin assuming a large number of people use taxis.

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